Discover Benjamin Button's secrets

Discover Benjamin Button's secrets
Benjamin Button

Discover just how Cate Blanchett and her off-screen relationship with the gorgeous Brad Pitt led to the success of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

If, like us, you blubbed your way through the entire length of The Curious case of Benjamin Button, then you'll be intrigued to discover the secrets that made this moving film so successful. From the make-up used to age Cate Blanchett an astonishing 80 years (a challenge for any make-up artist dealing with those sweeping cheekbones) to the relationship between the actress and her leading man, Brad Pitt, every detail was executed with the ultimate care and precision by a team of experts who have invited us behind the scenes for an exclusive peek at the magic in the making.

The story, based on a short story by F Scott Fitzgerald, follows the life of Benjamin Button, a man who lives his life in reverse and is unable to stop time even when he's found his sole mate. Directed by David Fincher, the film sees Pitt's character take on an often juvenile attitude to life (love that cheeky grin, Brad!) and Cate assume a more serious, sensitive persona. How did these two actors get on in real life? And just how did the make-up artists and costume designer Jacqueline West bring these characters to life? Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes videos to find out...

Winner of 3 Academy Awards® (2008) and 3 BAFTA Awards, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is available on Blu-Ray and DVD from June 8.

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