21 Lessons Dirty Dancing Taught Us About Love, Life & Watermelons

21 Lessons Dirty Dancing Taught Us About Love, Life & Watermelons

Nobody puts baby in the corner...

Dirty Dancing. Where do we even start?

The Dirty Dancing movie was for many, a teenage sexual awakening.

Featuring Patrick Swayze as street-smarts dance instructor Johnny, and Jennifer Grey as the fearless permed heroine Baby, Dirty Dancing (and it’s soundtrack) is hands down one of the most iconic films of the ‘80s – and it taught us an awful lot about, well, everything.

Carrying watermelons, dancing on logs, wearing Keds, breaking into cars, it’s true, there’s some serious life/love lessons to be learned from Dirty Dancing. Plus, let’s not forget Patrick Swayze’s back. THE naked back… Oh wait, is that just me? Yeah, that’s probably just me. Apologies.

So, to celebrate all that’s wonderful about the wonderfulness that is Dirty Dancing, here’s 21 things we’ve learned from the movie (and more…)


1. That bridges were basically made for this dance move

Come on. We've all pulled this mid-bridge.

2. That a head bump is THE most intimate gesture ever

Don't. Even.

3. That Patrick Swayze's garms were the sexiest thing this side of Grease

The shades. The leather. The quiff. Hold. The. Lights.

4. That the Swayze's hips had a life of their own

It's like they're on constant revolve.

5. That this move was 100% school disco legit

In our dreams (sad face...)

6. That embroidered peasant tops transformed you into a total sex bomb

I own one. Do you?

7. That Penny's dresses were everything


8. That lifts need to be practised in water


9. That the Swayze has no tolerance for tickling

Baby, getta hold of yourself.

10. That it's totally cool for guys to rock a Cuban heel

And for the ladies? Keds are where it's at.

11. And that listening to Patrick's heartbeat turned you into an overnight ballroom aficionado

'Guh-gong. Guh-gong.' Watch out Strictly.

12. That wearing tights under leotards was law

Around the house of course.

13. And that dancing in threes is totally fine

Hey, if it works.

14. That carrying fruit gets you into the swankiest parties

Girl, give thanks to the watermelon.

15. That life is harsh sometimes

Oh Baby...

16. That having an older sister is a total drag

SO irritating.

17. Having said that, Baby's dad is a legend

Those golf shirts. Props.

18. That impromptu dance offs like this were completely normal

They just don't happen in real life (another sad face)

19. That a hair flick accentuates EVERY dance move

Whip it.

20. That... Forget it, I'll just leave this here

#LifeGoals #LoveGoals #LiftGoals

21. And finally, the dream


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