Did Cara Just Raid Georgia May Jagger's Wardrobe?

Did Cara Just Raid Georgia May Jagger's Wardrobe?

The model wore the exact same dress that Georgia was first seen in last year

The one best – or worst, depending on your life philosophy – about living with your best friend is getting to borrow their clothes.

Don't have a hot dress for that date? Then raid your housemate's wardrobe. Run out of socks? Head on over into her room. (We admit, the latter is probably quite annoying.)

But it looks like Cara Delevingne is a housemate after our own hearts, as it appears as though she might have just had a good rifle through her best pal and flatmate Georgia May Jagger's wardrobe for the plunging black floor-sweeper we spotted her in at a Golden Globes after party.

How do we know? Well, Georgia May was photographed wearing the stunning creation at the Met Ball last May, which was reportedly created for her by the designer himself.

So either he's been so kind as to make an exact match for Cara, or Ms Delevingne's been doing a bit of borrowing...

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