Diane Kruger talks romance and rivalry

Diane Kruger talks romance and rivalry

Watch our exclusive interview with The Host star Diane Kruger as she dishes on love stories, dabbling with action scenes and acting alongside Saoirse Ronan…

Starring Diane Kruger opposite Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons, The Host is the latest book from Twilight author Stephanie Meyer to be translated to the big screen.

The movie sees Diane take on one of her first sci-fi roles, and she assures us: "It's not just a teenage romance story, but so much more."


The actress plays a seeker, "a human inhabited by another soul", which provided plenty of opportunity for adventure. "We all look very serene, we dress in white and drive very cool cars," she explains. Though it seems her favourite perk was getting her hands on a gun:  "I don't get to do that often, so it was really fun. [The film has] taken me to places I've never been before."


Diane has plenty of kind words to say about co-star and lead, Saoirse Ronan:  "She's very mature, I feel like she's been in this industry longer than I have! She's grown up in front of the cameras and she's an old pro yet she's also this lovely young girl." Though on-screen, their relationship takes quite the opposite route, as she reveals they get to "play some scenes where we're really cat and mouse!"

The Host hits cinemas on 29 March 2013.

Watch the video below to see our full interview with Diane Kruger.

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