Diane Kruger pays homage to Brigitte Bardot in Allure

Diane Kruger pays homage to Brigitte Bardot in Allure
Michael Thompson for Allure Magazine

Diane Kruger sizzles in sexy 60s-style photo shoot

How amazing does Diane Kruger look in this 60s-inspired shoot for Allure magazine? The model turned actress worked the Brigitte Bardot look wearing nothing but a blue jumper, tousled hair and sultry stares – and simply oozed sex appeal.

'Everyone wants to make her look like old Hollywood, but we thought it would be great to do a 60s look,' said make-up artist Gucci Westman, who worked alongside photographer Michael Thompson.


Kruger told Allure she has developed a strict beauty regime since becoming a model. 'I must be very careful with my skin from modelling and working under hot lights; I break out easily,' she said.

'I never go to sleep without taking off my make-up.'

Despite making it on various best-dressed lists, Diane Kruger is known for not using a stylist. Why would she need one when she has Karl Lagerfeld on speed dial? The Chanel designer is a huge fan of Diane, in May 2010 he invited her to Place des Lices in Saint-Tropez for a nice game of boules where she played with boyfriend Joshua Jackson and French actress Vanessa Paradis.

Joshua Jackson, who she's been with since 2004 was at the Allure shoot watching on the side lines. When asked if marriage was in their future Kruger said it probably isn't on the cards.

'I'm not religious, so that aspect of it means nothing,' she said. 'And don't get me wrong—I believe in commitment. But out of experience I know if that goes away, no paper you have signed will keep you around.'

Kruger made the successful transition from model to actress in Troy in 2004. She played alongside Brad Pit in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds and she has two films due out in 2011.

By Leanne Bayley

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