Diane Kruger: Not just a pretty face

Diane Kruger: Not just a pretty face
Anything for Her

We get the low-down on Diane Kruger's latest film and discover that she's the most down to earth babe in Hollywood.

On the surface, Diane Kruger seems to be living the Hollywood dream; a life of celebrity parties and designers queuing up to gift her dresses. However she tells us she revelled in the no make-up look in Anything for Her: "It was liberating," says Diane, "There was nothing else I could fall back to, I couldn't hide between costume and make-up, it was all about raw emotion." Anything for Her (Pour Elle in French) follows a man's fight to free his wife, (Kruger), from prison following a miscarriage of justice. It's a gritty thriller, a million miles away from the Cannes red carpet we've so recently seen her gracing.

With a string of American blockbusters already under her extremely stylish belt, the German-born starlet seems determined to avoid becoming "just another pretty face in Hollywood" by dabbling in both European and US films. "I can't bear to be in this bubble that you sometimes live in when you're in Los Angeles... it's not real life," she told us. For now she seems intent on focusing on her career - working with high profile directors and taking on a wider range of roles (she refuses to be typecast as a beautiful woman that men fall in love with).  The level-headed beauty isn't ready to become a yummy mummy just yet; she's more of a career girl at the moment. However, her and beau Joshua Jackson have recently cosied up and set up home together so watch this space!

Anything For Her is in cinemas today, Friday 5 June.

By Rhia Amirghiasvand

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