Demi and Ashton know Britain's Got Talent!

Demi and Ashton know Britain's Got Talent!

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are planning on flying into the UK this weekend to watch the grand finale of the hit TV talent show.

The star couple are set to land in London for the show on Saturday, having personally been invited by judges Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell.

And bizarrely enough, it all came about through social networking website Twitter... Amanda sent Demi a ‘tweet' inviting her to watch the show, to which the actress very graciously accepted (but joked that she would only attend if Simon arranged for a private jet!)

Although a private jet wasn't exactly on the cards, Mr Cowell responded by making the whole thing official - booking them two first class plane tickets, a room at The Dorchester and a couple of VIP seats in the audience! Oh to have such friends in high places...

Demi and Ashton have both been outspoken about their backing of one particular Britain's Got Talent contestant since the competition kicked off - and Demi's well publicised ‘twittering' about Susan Boyle has helped propel the Scottish singer to international stardom.

Of course, their attendance all depends on their hectic Hollywood schedules, but we can't wait to see if they show or not. And of course, we're equally eager to find out if anyone will manage to beat Susan Boyle to the crown. But for those of us not lucky enough to have tickets, we'll have to tune into our trusty televisions to find out!

By Sarah Karmali



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