14 Sassy Quotes That Got Everyone Crushing On The Dreamy Dean Strang

14 Sassy Quotes That Got Everyone Crushing On The Dreamy Dean Strang

Our most surprise celebrity crush of 2016 is the Wisconsinite defence attorney made famous by Netflix sensation Making A Murderer. And now he's got his own show...

If the Milifandom was the most unlikely fan club of 2015, then 2016's has got to be Dean Strang's band of loyal followers.

The defence attorney, who represented Steven Avery's case after he was arrested for the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2007, became quite the Internet sensation after the airing of Making A Murderer, with hundreds of men and women confessing they want the geek chic dreamboat to be President/their dad/their lawyer/their lover.

Dean and his, almost equally likeable, partner Jerome ‘Jerry’ Buting didn't only present a convincing case, but do it with some serious sass.

In fact, the best thing we've heard all year is: 'I want a Jerry Buting in the sheets and a Dean Strang in the sheets'. Word.

And now, he's starring in his very own show. He'll be doing what he does best — fighting for justice, obvs — in his own eight part docuseries Dean Strang: Road To Justice. It will investigate big legal cases that expose flaws in the criminal justice system and Strang will be the host with the most.


And here's why we <3 him...

From his normcore fashion (including those on point opticals) to his competence in the courtroom, people have been crushing on all aspects of Dean, but we’re more about what’s on the inside - namely, he’s absolutely lol attacks of sarcasm at mildly inappropriate times.

We look back on his best quotes from the series… (From all ten episodes so HASHTAG SPOILER ALERT)

1. 'Redemption will have to wait, as is so often the case in human affairs.'

2. 'This is insane. This is completely insane.'

3. 'Yeah, it just does - you know, things fall straight down, thanks to gravity.'

4. 'No sane lawyer looks forward to presenting a case that the police framed his client. No sane lawyer.'

5. 'If ever someone's bones are found 20 feet out my bedroom window in my backyard, I'm going to be a worried guy.'

6. 'It's not a lack of detail, it's a lack of reliability. An accomplice questioned by police is unreliable. It is literally finger-pointing.'

7. 'The State is supposed to start every case swimming up stream… presumption of innocence.'

8. 'In some ways, being accused is to lose. Every time.'

9. 'I'm not gonna comment about Mr Dassey, and neither should you. How's that for judgement on this day of judgements.

10. 'Most of what ails our criminal justice system in unwarranted certitude on the part of police officers and prosecutors and defines lawyers and judges and jurors that they are getting it right. That they are simple right. Just a tragic lack of humility in everyone who particupates in our criminal justice system.'

11. 'I'm not here to throw stones.'

12. 'Off the charts.'

13. 'Steven Avery is not orchestrating a campaign to get rid of Brendan Dassey's lawyer. My own sense is that the whole Dassey and Avery family is hoping that the current lawyer, or some lawyer, simply will defend Brendan Dassey.'

14. 'When the state arrested and charged Brendan Dassey, it turned some of Steven's family against him... it removed a potential defense witness, and the state turned the public. It finally had a compelling story of a vicious crime. It had a horror story to tell. And the media had twice as many court appearances to cover, you know? Twice as many shots you can do of Averys in jail jumpsuits. The state got three new charges. Something to give it a motive, to explain the crime. Something to up the ante, you know, at trial, because any time the state can add more than one count... particularly if each one of these counts carries an enormous potential prison sentence... the state increases its chances of winning in a very concrete, practical way. Why? Because the defendant, if he's to win in any meaningful way, has to run the board. He has to have the jury come back "not guilty" on everything. For the state to win, it needs to have one charge stick.'

AND he's a feminist! *Faints in an old school, swoony-type way* Supporting CARE's annual Walk In Her Shoes campaign, he said: 'In many places, women and girls walk miles a day for water and sustenance that many of us can take for granted'

'Let’s walk in her shoes. Let’s walk until every girl and every woman is comfortable in her connection to our shared earth, has a safe place on it, and can walk well-nourished whichever of the world’s long and rising paths she may choose.'

And it seems we're not the only ones who think he's basically the best person ever...


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