What's Your #DealBreakerIn3Words?

What's Your #DealBreakerIn3Words?

Twitter has asked the question, the internet has answered...

Another day, another trending hashtag. Oh, how we love a good hashtag, especially during the morning's commute when quite frankly, we've not got a lot better to do.

So what's on today's Twitter menu folks? The wonderfully fun (and rather insightful) #DealBreakerIn3Words or rather, what turns you off/on about a person, pal or potential partner. And because people on Twitter are a passionate bunch, there have been some downright hilarious responses.

Animals are a common #DealBreakerIn3Words topic, with all those cats and dogs lovers wading in on the debate. Because let's face it, what kind of person doesn't like animals? Saying any of the below basically makes you a non-human.


Foodies were also quick to respond with their own witty deal breakers. Personally, someone that can't share my own love of food (all food) isn't worth my time...


And obviously, relationships were a major subject for a #DealBreakerIn3Words. Can you sum up what you do/don't like in just three words? These peeps can...



What's your #DealBreakerIn3Words? Let us know...

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