David Bowie In Pictures: 21 Iconic Images

David Bowie In Pictures: 21 Iconic Images
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We celebrate the incredible creative life of the icon David Bowie with his most iconic looks

It was with great sadness that we woke up this morning to the devastating news that David Bowie has passed away at the age of 69, a mere three days after his birthday and releasing his latest album, Blackstar. To say that Bowie had a huge influence on culture and the fashion world would be a massive understatement; in fact, the world would be a far less interesting place in general without him.

He was the first to invent a stage alter ego (his real name was David Jones, then there was Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke…), the first to constantly reinvent himself with every album (Madonna eat your heart out) and embraced transgender dressing in a way that no-one in the mainstream really had before him.

So even if you aren’t that interested in his music (seriously though, if there were ever a time to check out some of the best songs that were ever written, it’s right now), his legacy will have infiltrated your life, perhaps in the most subtle of ways; he was even the first to pair adidas Stan Smiths with tailored trousers, as far as our picture research tells us.

He was definitely the coolest guy in the universe WAY more than 17 times, but we’ve rounded up his most iconic looks. Rest in peace, Ziggy.

Words by Hannah Rochell, pictures by Charlie Hall

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