David Beckham Talks Tattoos, Fragrance And Sharing Clothes With Brooklyn

David Beckham Talks Tattoos, Fragrance And Sharing Clothes With Brooklyn

Want to know what scent turns the fashionable footballer’s head? Read on for tips…(Hint: Go easy on the spritzing)

Amongst the lipstick launches and make-up lessons sometimes us beauty editors do get to indulge in a bit of eye candy too. And that’s exactly what we got at the press launch of David Beckham’s 10-year anniversary gold collector’s edition of his first ever fragrance, Instinct. Dressed in stylish all black – right down to his YSL jeans and shoes - and sporting a hearty beard, the one and only DB talked us through his current fashion, and grooming favourites.

On growing a beard

“From fragrance to hairstyles to beards, none of my grooming choices are planned. It’s all dependent on what kind of mood I’m in. So when I wake up in the morning and decide to shave my hair off it’s just something I do. Not that I’m going to shave it off tomorrow but you never know! I’m sticking with the beard though. I’m a Taurus so people keep telling me to shave it because it looks terrible but that just makes me want to keep it even more.”

On tattoos

“Every one of my tattoos means something to me whether it has to do with my family or friends or a life experience. My only advice would be to not get one done when you’re drunk and to make sure it’s meaningful to you because eventually your body changes and it might not look as cool as it did ten years before! I’m sure I’ll get more at some point.”

On sharing clothes with his kids

“My oldest, Brooklyn is sixteen and every time I go into my wardrobe there are clothes on the floor, and I’m a really tidy person so I know he’s been in there. He doesn’t think I’m too cool at times but he will wear my jeans or my trainers and t-shirts.”

On Victoria’s style advice

“She’s always been great at decision-making and obviously when you’re married you trust the person that you’re with and you listen to your wife! She gives me tips on what I’m wearing but always let’s me make up my own mind.”

On his trend-setting hairstyles

I’m keeping my hair normal right now because I’m almost forty and I can’t do what I used to be able to do with it. Brooklyn went bleach blonde the other day and it looked great. I contemplated if I could do it again but Victoria looked at me as if to say ‘Seriously? Don’t even think about’.” But you never know. I loved having it done ten years ago…”

On being a cool dad

“One of the times over the last few months that Brooklyn actually thought I was cool was when I got him the Kanye West shoes for his birthday. So for about five hours I was cool again. Then he realised that I got a pair as well and it kind of killed it for him. Brooklyn is always coming out with his own style choices. So is Cruz and Romeo is Romeo so he looks good in almost everything. That’s the cool thing about kids. They give me style inspiration all the time.”

On his first ever scent

“When we first created Instinct I wanted to make sure that ten years on we’d look back at the scent and the bottle and it wouldn’t look old fashioned - just as sometimes I look back at my hairstyles over the years and think ‘What was I thinking?’. I’m so proud that we’ve managed to achieve that with the fragrance. It’s been so successful. I’m almost forty and I still wear it and my youngest boy is ten and he loves it too.”

And what grabs David’s attention?

“I can’t think of a certain scent that Victoria wears but my gran used to wear a Givenchy perfume and it’s all she ever wore. She passed away a few years back but every time I smell it, it reminds me of my gran. That’s one thing that makes me sit up and take notice. I don’t like any fragrance that’s too strong or overpowering. I like to see the person before you smell them. That’s one of my bugbears. I give that advice for wearing men’s fragrances too.”
Instinct Gold Edition by David Beckham, £26.50 (superdrug.com)

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