David Beckham Reveals He Hilariously Sat In On Brooklyn's First Ever Date...

David Beckham Reveals He Hilariously Sat In On Brooklyn's First Ever Date...

Best date EVER for the girl. Worst date imaginable for poor Brooklyn Beckham

Do you remember your first date? Chances are that if you do, it's not because of the romance — something Brooklyn Beckham knows all too well. The reason? It's all down to his famous dad, David Beckham.

39-year-old David shed some light on his 16-year-old son's first ever date while he chatted to James Corden on The Late Late Show (be sure to check out the video of the interview below), revealing that he had to sacrifice his own cool-dad status to keep his wife Victoria Beckham happy.

When James questions whether Brooklyn — who was sitting in the studio audience — is big on the dating scene now that he's in his teens, David kicks off his story with: 'He's going to hate me for this...'.

You've got our attention, Davey. 

Explaining what down, he said that Brooklyn 'was about 14 and half, Victoria was actually in London and it was Valentine's Day and he said to me "I'd love to take this girl to dinner" and I said "OK great".'

Victoria, however, was not a happy bunny at the thought of her first born son heading out on his first-ever date, so she devised a compromise — she would only let Brooklyn go if David drove the pair and tagged along on their date too. While we're sure the girl would have LOVED this scenario to play out, we can only imagine Brooklyn's horror at the thought... 

David continued: 'We took him to a small sushi bar. He sat at the bar and I sat about five tables back.' 

As it turns out Brooklyn got off lightly as David's quip about another one of his brood reveals. 'By the way my daughter is four years old and when she gets to that age I will be sat closer than that,' he said.

Sure, it may have said it in the midst of laughing, but there's no doubt in our mind that's a totally, 100% serious statement.

We pity the poor guy who dares to ask Harper out to the cinema. We really do...

Check out David Beckham revealing Brooklyn's first date secrets on The Late Late Show for yourselves in the video below. 

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