David Beckham reveals all about his new H&M underwear collection

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Watch as David Beckham launches his underwear line in Berlin and reveals what it was really like running through LA in his boxers…

David Beckham has been a jet-setting whirlwind this week, first flying to Berlin to launch his underwear collection for high street fashion favourite H&M and now in China on a five-day tour to mark his position as ambassador of the Chinese Super League.


The Berlin in-store appearance got the week off to a serious high, as fans flocked to meet and greet David. While he was there, he also dished on his inspiration for the latest collection: "I'm not sure being a footballer has helped with the design process, but I've been around enough men to know what they like to be seen in and what they feel comfortable in. With some of the pieces in the line, women can wear them as well."

David Beckham in Berlin

Of course, Guy Richie's TV ads for the Bodywear collection have caused plenty of hype, though David admitted he was trepidant about the more revealing scenes at first: "[Guy] came to me with the idea of running through the streets in my underwear, which scared me first but when he explained it, my full trust was in his hands. I was going to say it was a typical day in LA - I do get chased around a lot but not in my underwear!"

Watch the full interview with David in our video.

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