David Beckham Poses In His Undies (Again) With Pal James Corden In Hilarious Spoof

David Beckham Poses In His Undies (Again) With Pal James Corden In Hilarious Spoof

By getting the celebs to hilariously poke fun at themselves, James Corden has upped his funny anti. Here he turns his attention to best mate David Beckham…

James Corden is crushing the late night game. To mark the debut of his hosting the US The Late Late Show, he (how exactly?!) persuaded self-proclaimed diva Mariah Carey to do a carpool karaoke with him; together the duo belted out some of her greatest hits together whilst on route to the studio in the front seats of James's car. This week’s skit sees him reuniting with pal David Beckham for a steamy ‘ad’ for that iconic underwear brand: D&J Briefs.

To the tune of a melancholic guitar solo, the two scantily clad chaps pose seductively for the camera whilst doing that smouldering squinty-eyed thing. The script, meanwhile, is a pastiche of over romanticised perfume ads.  

'Is there a reason to life?' ponders James dreamily, his less than fully fit figure on display, whilst blowing Becks with a hair dryer.

“ Is there a meaning to my days?” a ripped David replies. “That's why I need to feel secure.”

They then say in unison, “ Supported. Free. Cradled. Alive...” before James adds, “ Sexually aroused.

Becks pauses for a second before turning and giving his friend a confused look. “ Excuse me?” he asks.

“ You heard,” the comic replies, bluntly.

Whilst James is undoubtedly a master at poking fun at himself, you’ve also got to hand it to Becks (whose nickname for James, it was also revealed on the show,  is 'Mr. Snuffleupagus,' the big woolly mammouth on Sesame Street.) After all, the ad is an almost perfect replica of his range of smalls for H&M and obviously the inspiration; he clearly doesn’t mind the joke being on him, either. And there we were thinking it was VB who was the funny one in their relationship…

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