How Much Is David Beckham ACTUALLY Worth? You Won't Believe The Figures Guys

How Much Is David Beckham ACTUALLY Worth? You Won't Believe The Figures Guys

David Beckham isn't called Goldenballs for nothing. But how much does Becks earn in cold harsh cash? Here, in all it's glory, is the full David Beckham net worth...

David Beckham isn't doing bad for an old bloke.

Generally speaking, the word ‘retirement’ conjures up images of free bus passes and golfing holidays to Florida, but then David Beckham isn’t your average retiree.

Turns out that Becks is actually the second highest earning retired sports person in the world right now, and we’re guessing that he’s not drawing a pension just yet. His net worth? Amazing.

According to Forbes’ retiree rich list, the former England football captain earned a staggering £45million last year, second only to basketball legend Michael Jordan who topped the cash ladder with an epic annual wage of £69million.

And even though Becks didn’t top the poll, it’s estimated that he’s raked in millions since hanging up his football boots in 2013, mostly accumulated through lucrative fashion deals and collaborations with brands such as adidas and H&M.

Chinese real estate firm Luneng pays an annual £3.5million a year into Goldenballs’ bank account, together with a £5.5million cheque from sports brand Kent & Curwen. Combined that’s £9million for essentially just being David Beckham doing David Beckham-y things. Bonkers huh?

And lets not forget that David wasn’t doing too badly for himself when he was working the actual day job. His last year playing for LA Galaxy paid him an annual salary of 3.4million, which (while not being £45million) would definitely buy you a few bags of chips.

It’s thought that even though Becks reportedly helped bail out wife Victoria Beckham’s fashion line, (it apparently suffered a loss of £3.8million in just one year, oof), analysts at the London School of Marketing estimate that as a family the Beckhams are worth a combined £508million.

That’s worth more than the Queen.

And probably more than the actual sun.

So what’s next for Becks? A proposed American football franchise named Miami MLS that is making fast progress, and we anticipate more future fashion campaigns featuring Goldenballs in his scanties.

No doubt about it guys, brand Beckham sells. But does it sell as much as brand Bey? These Beyoncé net worth figures suggest not. Hmm...

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