David has revealed that he listens to Victoria's fashion advice 99% of the time, so what does that 1% look like?

David Beckham has become the poster boy for mens style the world over since he shot to fame in the '90s but its his sartorial efforts over the past couple of years that have really stood out as his best. And it looks like there may just be a reason for it... 

Speaking at the launch of his new H&M collection in Madrid, the 39-year-old football maverick, heartthrob and the man that many men now seem to measure themselves against revealed the secret behind his impeccable style — and it's probably what you'd expect. 

That's right, David gave full credit for his fashionable appearance to his wife, 40-year-old Victoria Beckham, saying that: 'She gives me advice because her vision of fashion is marvellous and her business is going great — I listen to her advice 99 per cent of the time. She's very honest, and if she doesn't like what I'm wearing, she tells me straight.'

Now, that got us thinking. If David takes Victoria's word on fashion 99% of the time, what would that tiny 1% portion look like? 

Well, probably like this. We've looked back at some of David's more, err, questionable fashion choices over the years that we imagine still reduce VB to shudders to this very day... 

His penchant for patent leather
A leather jacket can be hard enough to pull off for a bloke but throw in a patent, high-shine finish and it's a fashion disaster waiting to happen.

His '15 sizes too big' trousers
Getting in on the baggy trend by going up a size is a trick most fashionista's employ but David's strides back in 1998 have enough excess fabric to create a make-shift circus tent. 

His unrequited love of cabby hats
Just before the noughties, David went through a major hat phase. His head adornment of choice? The sharp-brimmed cabby hat. Just pair with a white coat and ripped boyfriend jeans and you're good to go, eh Davey?

His hatred of sleeves
When he wasn't showing off his muscles in sleeveless tank tops, David was busy flaunting the gun show in an array of sleeveless blouses [SORRY, shirts — it's hard to tell with those ruffles] and wearing even more questionable hats. 

His wardrobe go-to
It's a staple in every wardrobe but we didn't know that David was as big a fan of the shirt dress as we are. Mind. BLOWN. 

Yet another patent leather cover up...
He was REALLY trying to make this look happen, wasn't he? 

THAT sarong
David has strongly defended this look as recently as last year but we're still not convinced. Kudos for branching out though...

Continued below...

Don't worry David; if anything these fashion mishaps make us love you all the more...