David Beckham Is Set To Follow In Victoria’s Fashion Footsteps

David Beckham Is Set To Follow In Victoria’s Fashion Footsteps

David Beckham has inked a deal to start up his very own lifestyle brand, and it looks like a fashion line WILL follow suit…

Victoria Beckham may be at the top of her fashion game right now but it looks like her handsome hubby David Beckham — as if he needs an introduction — is going to give her a run for her money with his very own fashion label. Awks. 

It’s been revealed that David has teamed up with the Beckham’s long-time business partner and Vic’s manager from her Spice Girls days, Simon Fuller, to sign a deal with Global Brands; a Hong Kong based powerhouse that already works with the likes of Calvin Klein.

Yep: this is a company that specialises in clothing, so it looks like a DB fashion line is not far off. According to reports, David and Simon will share a 50% stake in the business while Global Brands takes on the additional 50%.

While the details are still pretty sketchy, an official statement has led us to believe it’s going to be a pretty big deal...

‘It’s a much bigger concept than any one brand. We’re building a company, a partnership, and launching today to build scalable brands globally around iconic stars in sports and entertainment,” Global Brands chief executive officer Bruce Rockowitz said on behalf of the group to WWD.

Rockowitz went on to reveal: ‘We won’t be building just one brand. Creating a sportswear or underwear line with David would be great, but we want to do more.’

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David also weighed in on the conversation saying that Victoria’s keen to lend her very stylish hand to the project: ‘Her business is separate from this but obviously she’s part of this too, because we’re partners. We’re husband and wife. She’s excited about this.’ How sweet is that?!

While this is HUGE news for the Beckham camp, David’s hardly a fish out of water with this new venture. Who can forget the collections (and sexy campaigns!) with H&M he’s treated us to over the years, as well as his lines with Adidas and his close involvement with brands like Belstaff and Emporio Armani? In fact, it's about time David had a fashion-empire of his own. 

David’s clearly over-the-moon about his new chapter, having said: ‘This is a partnership that is very exciting for me. Throughout my career I’ve had quite a few sponsorship deals but this takes it to a different level, a different area. I’ve gone from being in a sponsorship deal to now becoming an owner. It’s an area I’m really excited about.’

We don’t know about you, but we’ll buy into practically anything with the Beckham name. No doubt, this is going to be yet another success for our favourite celeb-fam.

Now, enough of all this chat; it’s time knuckle-down, put pen to paper and get sketching out those designs, Becks. We’re sure Vic will give you a hand if you ask nicely...

By Maxine Eggenberger

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