14 Times David Beckham Was Just Like Us (With A Bit More In The Bank)

14 Times David Beckham Was Just Like Us (With A Bit More In The Bank)

David Beckham might be one of England’s greatest football players, a style icon and a father of four, but he’s also an all-round nice guy. Here are 14 times he was just like us

Is there anything David Beckham doesn’t do?! Not only is he a world-famous footballer, charity supporter and a father of four (Harper Beckham: CUTE), and it turns out David loves caterpillar cake as much as we do. Here's why he was snacking on the insect, as well as 14 times David Beckham was just like us (with a bit more money to spare)... 

1. David Beckham spotted a pensioner and a paramedic waiting in the cold for an ambulance, and being the great guy he is, stopped off to bring them both a hot drink. Catherine (the paramedic) said David hopped in his car after seeing them both, before bringing them back a tea and coffee. Aww! 

2. He’s got a soft spot (and a lot of ink) for his only daughter. As well as the ‘Pretty Lady Harper’ text and rose tattooed on his neck, David has one of Harper’s stick-figure drawings tattooed on his hand, which he got in October 2015.


Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy ❤️

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3. When it comes to Harper dating in the future? “Absolutely not. She's not going out. She's going to be like Rapunzel - up in the tower”.

4. He’s still an embarassing dad. Brooklyn Beckham might have built up 5.9million followers on Instagram, but he can’t escape his Dad showing him up with some serious embarassing comments. Remember that time Dad David called out Brooklyn for raiding his wardrobe? He might not be as bad as these embarassing celebrity parents...


5. He loves pie and mash. The East Ender can’t get enough of this down-to-earth dish, and apparently even gets it delivered to his private jet. We can 100% relate to one part of that scenario…

6. In fact, David Beckham is more than happy with a beer over champagne, so don’t worry about the posh plonk. 


Pie&mash nothing better

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7. They might live in a £31.5million mansion in central London, but David still takes the rubbish out – and he’s “very good at it”, thank you very much. 

8. He does the school run, too, but he might not get a goodbye kiss. David has said that Brooklyn insists on being dropped off round the corner, but he's not getting off that easily - David drives past and shouts ‘I love you’ from the window. Embarassing!

9. David is making sure Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper grow up with manners. The Beckham brood know to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and David says the boys know to let ladies or girls go through doors first.

10. He’d do anything for his family. When David was awarded his OBE in 2003, he took his grandparents to Buckingham Palace because they’d “always wanted to go”. 

11. He scored his first goal on his mum’s birthday in 1998, and remembers “I could just hear her saying: ‘My boy did that for me’”. Sweet!

12. He’s had some embarrassing fashion looks in his time. Sarongs might have been all the rage in 1998, but we much prefer the white t-shirt and leather jacket look.  

13. He loves caterpillar cake! For David's 41st birthday, the Beckham brood splashed out on the classic cake instead of something more extravagant.

14. That time he bought a homeless man a beer and a burger in West London! So cute.

He’s just an all-round nice guy - David, we love you!

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