Dannii Minogue is blooming at Australia’s Got Talent Final

Dannii Minogue is blooming at Australia’s Got Talent Final

With only a month to go until her due date Dannii Minogue looks stunning as ever in a sequined dress

The idea of having to get dressed up and go on live television a month before you’re about to give birth would be a nightmare for most pregnant women. But Dannii Minogue isn’t like most women – she’s nailed the baby bump dressing the whole way through, even in the final stages.


She didn’t disappoint on Tuesday night when she hosted the final of Australia’s Got Talent with fellow judges Brian McFadden and Kyle Sanderlands. She dazzled in a floor-length black sequined 'Casino' dress from her Project D range, her skin looked luminous and her hair super-shiny.

Dannii, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Kris Smith in July, admitted she was terrified she would go into labour because of the excitement, but succeeded in getting through the finale to name dance troupe Justice Crew the winners.

Dannii recently spoke about how much she is looking forward to starting a family with Kris, who she says is 'The One'.

She said: 'I’ve never been in a relationship where I was 100 per cent confident and had those feelings. Kris was ready from the word go and couldn’t wait to start a family. I’ve taken some convincing, but we’ve taken the leap together and it feels right. Kris is The One.'


The finale marked the last day of work for Dannii before she goes on maternity leave. We wonder if she’ll be slouching around in pyjamas from now on, but somehow, we don’t think so.


By Leanne Bayley

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