DaniellaChristina1: Everything You Need To Know

DaniellaChristina1: Everything You Need To Know

Fitness, fashion and bronzed beauty - vlogging is in the blood for this burgeoning YouTuber. Meet DaniellaChristina1, sister of a certain Samantha Maria...


AGE: 22


IN THE FAMILY: Recognise Danni Christina? This burgeoning beauty blogger is actually the sister of Samantha Maria aka BeautyCrush, a vlogging legend in the YouTube community. After appearing in several of Sammi’s videos, Daniella branched out on her own and set up her own channel five years ago. Scroll back to see some early vlogs of the sisters together.

TRIPLE THREAT: Daniella’s signature beauty looks are bronzed skin, pouty lips and smokey eyes, so prepare to see a lot of tanning and bronzing products in those favourites videos. We’re comparing her beauty look to Megan Fox. Early tutorials and chatty videos have now developed into a varied channel that covers music, fashion, beauty – is there anything Daniella can’t do?!

MUSIC: Daniella actually studied music at university, and posts covers of popular songs on her second YouTube channel, DaniellaChristina2. Her gorgeous voice has taken on Adele, Rihanna and Jessie J. These belters definitely have competition.

FITNESS: 70k subscribers also tune in to hear Daniella spill her fitness secrets, from how to get those impressive abs to a seriously helpful beginner’s guide to the gym. We think Daniella has found her niche – and that workout wardrobe has us logging on to Lululemon right now…

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