Rap Battles, Spiderman + 7 Times Daniel Radcliffe Was A Totally Stellar Guy

Rap Battles, Spiderman + 7 Times Daniel Radcliffe Was A Totally Stellar Guy

Daniel Radcliffe. Everyone's favourite Hogwarts alumni...

Daniel Radcliffe is a funny chap.

Ever since he appeared playing pint-sized 'you're a wizard' Harry Potter way back when (2000 to be exact, we know, bonkers), the actor that is Daniel Radcliffe has become something of a national treasure - and not just because he's pretty nifty on a broom.

It's been five years since Radders graduated from Hogwarts (although, he's recently said that he isn't ruling out a return to the role), and in that time he's made a point of being well.. a bit awesome.

Charity work, rap battles, getting his kit off on stage - Daniel is constantly surprising us, and we think that he's just a bit of a ridiculously nice bloke.

Here are the 9 times Daniel Radcliffe has 100% upped that likeability factor...

1. That time he played 'never have I ever' with James McAvoy...
Dan admits that when he shaved his head, he often got mistaken for who? Elijah Wood. Bless.

(It's uncanny...)

2. When he proved himself to be king of the chat up lines...
Dan has some serious swagger in the ladies dept.

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3. That time he made a pretty hilarious pun on his name...
He does have a point.


4. When he suffered bra problems...
Real life dramas Dan. Welcome to our world.

(Domhnall Gleeson looks on, disgusted...)

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5. Um, Spiderman?

6. #LifeGoals
No Daniel, there is nothing wrong with this at all.

7. So he's pretty rad at karaoke...
Check him dropping these Eminem rhymes.

8. And THIS time on Jimmy Fallon...
Wow Radders. Just WOW.

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9. Horses and nudity...
Dan got starkers for his part in play Equus. Ten points to Gryffindor.

Love you Radders!

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