Dancing Dogs: The Ultimate Round Up Of Grooving Pooches

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Dancing dogs don’t end with Britain’s Got Talent winners Jules and Matisse! Click this way for the ultimate round up of grooving pooches - we have videos.

Jules and Matisse may have stolen the show in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent final, but doggy dancing is a YouTube sensation. Canines across the world have been showcasing their nimble paws in everything from salsa to hip-hop and ballet, going viral on the internet in the process. Just what is it about those beats that get dogs in the mood to groove? More importantly, and how are their moves better than ours?! We don’t know, but we’re happy to watch these videos (on repeat) to find out.

1. Ashleigh and Pudsey were the original Britain’s Got Talent pooch partners. We’ve never seen a mutt with such smooth moves; no wonder he landed a film deal and has already released his autobi-dog-raphy. 

2. Looking for something a bit more contemporary from your canine? Lizzy the dog and her dance partner Sandra Roth compete in DogDance International in competitive dog-dancing (yes, really). Can this please be made an Olympic sport?!

3. Move over Snopp Dogg, there’s a new mutt in town. Harley shakes his rump to a sountrack of Eminem and Nate Dogg, using the sofa as his stage. We bet the ladies love him. Check out Harley’s Instagram for more bad-dawg antics and the dog cruising around town.

4. Check out those paws! This doggie is so happy to see its owner he can’t contain the beat in his feet. This is freestyle at its finest, people – and all without a partner! Never mind salsa, has this energetic pet tried tap?

5. Dogs dancing to salsa have some serious competition with this little lady. Carrie’s Merengue moves became an internet sensation after a fan captured her shimmying and sashaying in that signature sassy salsa skirt. This dog can dance better than you – fact. 

6. Dogs just love music. Although Golden isn’t strictly dancing, he’s definitely feeling those acoustic vibes, perfect for a chilled weekend soundtrack. Just look at that face when owner Drew stops playing – it melts our puppy-loving hearts. Pity Golden isn’t so keen when Drew starts to sing…


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