Damian Lewis As James Bond? This Might Just Happen...

Damian Lewis As James Bond? This Might Just Happen...

As Damien Lewis becomes the bookies' favourite to be the next James Bond, we take a look at who else we'd like to see at Her Majesty's service

When Daniel Craig was named as the new James Bond way back in 2005, the public went BESERK. ‘Bond with blonde hair?’ They cried. IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT.

And now that Damian Lewis, he of Homeland, Henry VIII and ginger hair fame, has had his odds slashed by bookies to 3/1 to be Daniel's successor, it’s highly likely that Mr Lewis will have the same hair-based criticisms levelled at him.

Because while Ed Sheeran’s managed to do for red-headed men what Gwyneth Paltrow’s done for kale, we think there might still be a way to go for Bond fans to accept a ginge 007.

That said, Daniel Craig has definitely proved his critics wrong, although that was, in large part, thanks to those Speedos. So we reckon Damian would also be able to silence any dissenters.

But if you're really not convinced by Damian, despite what the bookies say, here are some others we’d like to see carry on the 007 legacy…

Tom Hiddleston
Yes, we know what you’re thinking: Too nice. He’s got the clipped British accent down pat, but he might be just a bit too cute-looking. The man sings with his dog for crying out loud. BUT, we think with a bit of time in the gym, and a hair cut, Tom might just be perfect. He does look good in a suit after all.


Jack O’Connell
We’re just putting this one out there now, because, although he’s still young enough to be sipping Smirnoff Ices rather than shaken-not-stirred-Martinis, in a few years we reckon Mr O’Connell would make a fine 007. The same goes for his other former Skins co-star, Nicholas Hoult.


Andrew Garfield
As Spiderman, Andrew Garfield’s already got those crime-busting, quick-thinking moves down. Plus, he’s half-English don’t forget. And he’s only a few years shy from being the same age Daniel was when he did his first Bond movie.


Idris Elba
Before all this hoo-ha about Damien Lewis, it was Idris that was favourite to be the next Mr Bond. And we can see why. He’s the right age, does a good line in a sultry stare and, since his collaboration with Superdry, has the fashion credentials too.


Henry Cavill
He may be better known as Superman, but Henry Cavill, with his designer stubble, swept back dark hair and chiselled jaw would take Bond back to the Pierce Brosnan times. And maybe that’s what we all want after all.

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