Dakota Johnson's Awkward Mum Chat On The Red Carpet Is One We ALL Recognise

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Dakota Johnson and mum Melanie Griffith chose the Oscars red carpet as the place to get a few things off their chests.

Sometimes it's easy to imagine Hollywood stars as parent-less beings, devoid of the everyday familial matters the rest of us have to deal with – they're just too famous to bother themselves with the parental squabbles that us mere mortals have on a frequent basis.

Of course, this isn't true, and certified proof (if it was really needed) came from mother-daughter duo Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson at the Oscars on Sunday night, who appeared to be using their airtime to get a few things off their chest regarding Dakota's breakthrough movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.

When Good Morning America's Laura Spencer Spencer asked Melanie Griffith if she had seen her daughter's film (which, let's remember, isn't exactly a PG), she replied in the negative, with Dakota quickly interjecting 'Not yet. Maybe. Maybe one day.'

However, her mum (who was her date for the evening) didn't agree, shaking her head and adding: 'I don't think I can. It would be strange. She's a good actress, I don't need to see it to know that.'


Which, judging from Dakota's response was NOT the right thing to say. In an exasperated tone any mother or daughter will recognise, the 25-year-old snapped: 'Alright! You don't have to say it. Jesus Christ,' with the last bit being censored...

It just goes to show that no matter who you are, no-one will be able to wind you up like your mum can. No-one.


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