Daisy Lowe On Her Ultimate Underwear Selfie Tip & Strictly Costume Secrets

Daisy Lowe On Her Ultimate Underwear Selfie Tip & Strictly Costume Secrets

Daisy Lowe on Strictly Come Dancing, her colour-coordinated underwear drawer and why overhead lighting is an absolute no-no

Daisy Lowe has a lot on her plate right now. She’s the face (and body) of Triumph lingerie, has just made it through the London Fashion Week FROW and then there’s a little Saturday night TV show called Strictly Come Dancing

We caught up with the quickstepping model in the midst of her Strictly training to talk all things lingerie, including what she wears under those glittery costumes. 

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Hi Daisy! Are you training for Strictly right now?
I’ve got to go and get dressed now. We had our full run through yesterday.

How is it going?
You have days when you’re ecstatic and you have days where nothing goes in and you’re covered in bruises, I’ve got an impressive one that takes up the majority of my heel to my ankle.

How important is having a dance partner you can trust?
Aljaz is brilliant, he’s so positive and happy every day. I can trust him with my life, I have to let him throw me around.

What dances are you most excited for?
Watching Louise Redknapp and Kevin practice their jive made me nervous, there are so many steps, I don’t know how my brain is going to get that! I really want to learn the Argentinian Tango - Kara Tointon was one of my favourite contestants and hers was one of the most sensual, feminine, powerful things I’ve ever seen.

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How important is underwear to your Strictly costumes?
They don’t want bottom cheeks and boobs slipping out, so the costume department is incredible at making sure we’re all strapped in well.

Including the boys?
Yes, their tops always go into boxers so it’s like a body. We’re in bodies at all times.



What’s your underwear drawer like at home?
I have three drawers, and they’re all colour-coordinated. One is whites, nudes and light pinks, the second is reds, blues, greens and greys, and then the third is all my black and dark ones.  

How do you keep things so organised?
I’m a big fan of the matching set. So the pants always fit inside the bras, which are folded. 

What should every woman have in her underwear drawer?
It’s important to know your size and have bras that fit you properly, as well as a model kit; so whites, nudes, greys and blacks to go under everything. Then you have your big knickers, your thongs, your boy pants…

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Do you remember buying your first bra?
I do, it was a training bra. I was desperate to have boobs and I definitely didn’t have them. I wanted to be very grown up but actually I didn’t get boobs really for another five years.

What type of underwear makes you feel great?
I like high-waisted pants with a supportive bra, I’m a big fan of the Triumph Amourette

What are your top tips for feeling confident in underwear?
We’re all individuals, I could pick myself apart I the mirror but ultimately we only have one body and we have to embrace it. Also find a set that fits properly.

And if we’re taking a selfie?
Face the light, overhead lighting looks horrible. The more you love yourself, the more that is going to shine through. 

There you have it - Daisy Lowe's underwear selfie tips, body confidence mantras and the secrets behind those Strictly costumes. We'll be watching!

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