Daisy Lowe Shows Us Around Her Very Stylish Life

Daisy Lowe Shows Us Around Her Very Stylish Life

Want to know what the average day looks like if you're Daisy Lowe? Then just keep on scrolling...

As the face of Canon's #loveDSLR campaign, it's no surprise that Daisy's a keen photographer. So obviously we were thrilled when the model and author agreed to pick up her camera and share some of her personal photographs with us here at InStyle. From walking her dogs to trips to Paris to hanging out at home with her friends, here's what it looks like to be Daisy Lowe…

This was taken in the bathroom of my apartment in Williamsburg in New York. I bought my first SLR when I moved to NYC to document my time living there.


I took this shot while shooting a magazine cover last week :)  Lyndell was doing my hair for the shoot and she couldn't resist putting the glasses on Monty. He was a good sport to keep them on for the photo!


I've had my gorgeous little pup Monty for almost 7 years now! The day before I took this photo he had loads of teeth out, bless him! I realised I don't take enough photos of him, I need to appreciate the time I have with him more. So I took this photo of Monts (and his shadow), in all his glory on Primrose Hill, on sports mode because he's always moving


I took this photo on the eve of my 26th birthday. My wonderful friends Ant and Justin invited me to Paris to celebrate my birthday at a mytheresa event they were hosting. The party took place in one of the most extraordinary apartments ive ever seen in Paris. Full of so much colour, art, prints and what can only be described as treasure?! It was a brilliant night and I fell in love with the view from the living room window. So I took this using the handheld night scene setting.


This photo was taken by my best friend Joseph Reuben. He used the reflection of my garden doors to capture my silhouette.


I was sat at home after a night in with friends when I took this photo. My godmother Zoe is an incredible artist and made me this sign. I love it so much I had to take a photo of it. I used the landscape setting with no flash and just let the sign reading "you make me feel good" speak for itself.

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