Crisis In Six Scenes: Why You'll Be Glued To Miley Cyrus As A 1960s Flower Child

Crisis In Six Scenes: Why You'll Be Glued To Miley Cyrus As A 1960s Flower Child

Crisis In Six Scenes is the Woody Allen-directed, Miley Cyrus-starring Amazon original show you need to watch tonight

Crisis In Six Scenes had our attention pretty much from the second it was announced. Woody Allen, writing for the small screen? He hasn’t done that for 50 years. Miley Cyrus has a main role? We haven’t seen her on TV (excluding cameos in Two And A Half Men) since Hannah Montana.

Sounds good, right? From the unexpected cast to the trailer that’ll have you hooked, here’s everything you need to know about Crisis In Six Scenes.

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Crisis In Six Scenes
The 6-part comedy series (penned by Woody Allen, in case you hadn’t got that already), is set in 1960s America, where the youth (and the not-so-youthful) are protesting what’s going on in the world. Woody Allen is part of a middle class suburban family (unsurprisingly), whose household is turned upside down by a revolutionary guest.

Crisis In Six Scenes Cast

  • Woody Allen plays Sidney Munsinger, a middle class suburban writer stuck in his ways.
  • Miley Cyrus is Lennie Dale, a civil rights activist whose presence stirs things up.
  • Elaine May plays Kay Munsinger, Sidney’s wife and a marriage counsellor.
  • John Magaro and Rachel Brosnahan are Alan and Ellie, a young engaged couple.

Crisis In Six Scenes Trailer
If two minutes of Miley Cyrus, 1960s bra-burning and dysfunctional relationships don’t make you want to watch Crisis In Six Scenes, we don’t know what will. Catch the trailer below.

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Crisis In Six Scenes Release Date
Crisis In Six Scenes is out now on Amazon Prime. If you were hoping to binge, you’ll have to contain yourself, as new episodes are being released weekly. 

Crisis In Six Scenes Season 2?
Not likely – Woody said that this series would be the only one.

Crisis in Six Scenes, Amazon Prime’s new Original Series is available now with new episodes weekly

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