Kylie Jenner In PartyNextDoor + 7 IRL Couple Music Videos You'll 100% Feel Weird Watching

Kylie Jenner In PartyNextDoor + 7 IRL Couple Music Videos You'll 100% Feel Weird Watching

Kylie Jenner and PartyNextDoor getting it awn, Adam Levine creeping on Behati Prinsloo and more music videos featuring actual couples we can't watch to the end of...

Sorry, Tyga, Stimulated is old news. Kylie Jenner is a video girl for her next squeeze, and it's just as steamy. Ky-Jen stars in her rumoured BF PartyNextDoor's Come And See Me, and let me just tell you that lips are locked. 

That scene at the end is creepy right? Or, more likely, you watched about 15 seconds, realised you were watching a real life couple getting it awn and turned it off as you felt like a weirdo. We doubt it’s just us... fictional couples in campaigns and music vids? A-ok, even famous people who you know fine well are happily married with kids to another man/woman, but give us genuwine attraction - no, ta.

It’s not even the first time a legit couple has got together on cam for the sake of their art - FAR from it.

Team InStyle put their heads together to think of the best (or just weirdest) IRL couple music vids over the years…

1. Pillowtalk by Zayn, 2016

2.    Uptown Girl by Billy Joel, 1983

Christine Brinkley, a.k.a model, actress and the main character in the video, went and married Billy Joel. Here's the moment they met... 


3. All Of Me by John Legend, 2013

They’re a total fav sleb couple of ours, but still – seeing John and Chrissy getting it awn in the shower? Weird.


4. Let’s Stick Together by Brian Ferry, 1976

Look away, Rupert! This vid sees Jerry Hall dancing in then-fiance Brian Ferry’s band Roxy Music’s video.


​​5. Animals by Maroon 5, 2014

This is maybe the video that made us realise we hate real couple vids… Adam Levine playing a ridiculously good-looking weirdo creeping on Behati Prinsloo (his wife, in real life) and covering himself in animal blood.

(Also appreciate how lol it is that Adam's wearing opticals to play the part of a textbook creep, as IF that’s a thing… Short-sightedness can happen to anyone, Maroon 5!)


6. Jenny From The Block by Jennifer Lopez, 2002

Why Ben Affleck agreed to be in then-wife J-Lo’s music vid, we’ll NEVER know… Great tune though.


7. You And I by Lady Gaga, 2011

Taylor Kinney and Gaga met on the set of You And I and are now engaged! <3

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