Could Jennifer Aniston Be Poised To Win Her First Oscar?

Could Jennifer Aniston Be Poised To Win Her First Oscar?

Jennifer Aniston has received rave reviews for her role in indie-flick Cake and after taking home this pretty major award, it looks likely an Oscar will follow suit

Jennifer Aniston has long been known for her role as the iconic Rachel Green in the '90s-through-to-'00s sitcom Friends (yep, we're talking about the series that practically defines everything we are today...) and, needless to say, she scooped many gongs along with her co-stars during the shows 10-year reign. 

However, if the whispers are anything to go by, it sounds like Jen may have to make some room on her mantle-piece for a potential Oscar... 

The 45-year-old actress has received rave reviews for her role in the indie-film Cake, which sees Aniston take the lead as she portrays a woman suffering from chronic pain and addiction issues. It's pretty heavy stuff, but we're sure it's a character that Jen always dreamt of playing. 

After starring in an array of rom-coms and satires, it looks like she has finally found a role to really challenge her acting abilities; a gamble that has definitely paid off. 

Now, her hard work has been officially honoured at the first-ever People Magazine Awards, which has only cemented the buzz already surrounding the actress.

At the glam event in LA last night, Jen was honoured for her portrayal in the flick, being awarded the Movie Performance Of The Year gong; a win that left her unsurprisingly very emotional. 

'This is so exciting. Is this real life? I really now have experience what a labour of love truly means. This movie was nothing short of that.'

This, coupled with the fact that she's also been nominated for the Best Actress prizes at both the upcoming Golden Globes and Critics' Choice Award's, makes an Oscar-nom pretty well a shoe-in.

Speaking of what could be her career-defining role, Jennifer revealed that 'It was a no-brainer. Just reading [the] script I actually saw myself doing it. I just felt like it was already happening and it was pretty easy to say "yes." It was such a beautiful, complex, layered, tortured character. It just tapped into something I was meant to do.' 

To really prep herself for the role, Jen did extensive research and even used friends of her own who suffered with similar pain and addiction to prescription drugs to draw inspiration from. She talked to a lot of people who deal with this huge problem, who she said could 'walk me in that walk.'

It's not Jennifer's first foray into alternative cinema; her role in The Good Girl, which she starred alongside another actor tipped for 2015's Oscars, Jake Gyllenhaal, also earned her high-regard from film critics. Though it seems her character in the low-budget Cake is in a league all of its own.

We'll have to wait until January 15th 2015 to see if Jen has officially made it to the nominations stage of the awards. The 2015 Oscars ceremony itself will then be shown around the world on February 22nd. 

We don't know about you, but we're totally rooting for Jennifer on this one. 

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