CONGRATS! Sam and David Cameron have a baby girl on holiday!

CONGRATS! Sam and David Cameron have a baby girl on holiday!

Britain's first lady, Samantha Cameron goes into labour early and gives birth to their fourth child on holiday!

In the middle of their family holiday in Cornwall, Samantha Cameron went into labour three weeks early and gave birth to a baby girl!


Going to the doctor's for a check-up to see if Samantha was having contractions, the PM's wife ended up in labour and gave birth by caesarean section to the 6lb 1oz baby girl with David Cameron by her side!

Speaking outside the hospital yesterday, the PM said: 'We woke up this morning and thought she was having contractions and it was all beginning to get going, so we thought we would come to the hospital just to get everything checked out, and then things sort of sped up and it all happened very, very quickly and the baby popped out at about 12 o'clock.'

Dressed in a casual blue open neck shirt and dark jeans, the new dad said it was a bit of a shock but that mother and daughter are both well and the couple were thinking of giving her a Cornish middle name.

The new addition to the Cameron clan is only the third child to be born to a serving Prime Minister since the 1800s!

We can’t wait to coo over the pics!


By Rachel Bassett

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