Watch: Cara Delevingne's Suicide Squad Trailer Is CRAZY

Watch: Cara Delevingne's Suicide Squad Trailer Is CRAZY

After its Comic-Con debut, Cara Delevingne and Jared Leto's Suicide Squad trailer is here! And ICYMI, catch up on the trailers for Deadpool, Batman V Superman and X Men Apocalypse

Cara Delevingne's Suicide Squad character is one of the most anticipated film performances of 2016 - not least because the model is unrecognisable as Enchantress. The "antihero" movie, starring Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Ben Affleck and Viola Davies (there hasn’t been a cast this strong since Bad Blood), has teased fans since Comic-Con 2015 with first-look trailers and cast snaps, but now? The official trailer is here, with the film due on August 5th 2016, and it looks AMAZING. Can we please be a part of DC's "worst superheroes ever" gang? 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – March 2016
There’s still a while to wait for DC’s Batman v Superman, where we’ll see Ben Affleck play Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, as well as their superhero alter-egos. This is the second trailer for the big-budget blockbuster, also giving fans a look at Gal Gadot, also a Gucci model, as Wonder Woman and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther. There might be some serious spoilers in this trailer, depending on how much of a superfan you are, so watch with caution.

X Men Apocalypse, May 2016
It’s not been that long since X Men: Days of Future Past, but sequel X Men Apocalypse is slated to hit screens in 2016. The trailer shows the film to be set in 1983, looking at the origins of the mutants, as well as introducing a new villain, Apocalypse. The cast include James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, former flames Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne, Sophie Turner and Olivia Munn, who admitted that she needed a little lubrication to ease into her skintight catsuit. Now that’s commitment to a costume.

Deadpool, February 2016
Did someone say Ryan Reynolds? We’re buying our tickets now. But seriously, Deadpool might not be Marvel’s most famous anti-hero, but the former Special Forces operative Wade Wilson gone rogue, who now comes complete with accelerated healing powers, is worth a watch. This also explains the red and black outfits Ryan’s been sporting on Instagram lately. Deadpool looks hilarious – check out the trailer below.

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