Cole to replace Cowell?

Cole to replace Cowell?

Simon Cowell wants Cheryl Cole to be the leading figure in the judging panel in the next series of The X Factor.

There are certain things that were always destined to be together- Carrie and Big, Sir Alan and the boardroom, toast and Marmite, Sandy and Danny. It was therefore extremely disconcerting for us to hear that Simon Cowell plans to leave The X Factor at the end of this series. An episode without the infamous insults? Something's not right.

However, every cloud does have a silver lining, as rumours have it that Simon wants Cheryl Cole to be his replacement on the show. How X-citing...

Cowell's £20 million contract with ITV expires this December following the end of the imminent new series. The TV superstar is joining forces with Topshop owner Philip Green, with the hope of launching a billion-pound TV and entertainment empire, which will create shows, manage stars, and exploit the rights to existing TV hits.

Nonetheless, ITV bosses are more than aware of Cowell's pulling power (I mean attracting audiences, ladies, stay focused) for the show's ratings, and are desperately persuading him to stay. But a close friend of Cowell's said, "He has found X Factor increasingly draining and it leaves him little time for serious business. Now he's decided this will be his last series and he's moving on. In future, he will have a more overseeing role."

Having recently been voted top beauty icon of 2009, we think stunning Cheryl has more X Factor than Cowell ever had, and we wish her the best of luck.

By Tor Cardona

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