17 Cats That Are Totally Ready For Party Season

Got your first Christmas party this weekend? Here's a little run-through of what's to come (in cats)

1) When your friend gets the warm-up tracks going 

2) When someone offers to do your make-up for you 

3) When you're all made up but your boyfriend tries to kiss you 

4) When five of you jump out of the same Uber 

5) When your drunk friend tries to squeeze past the bouncer into the club

6) When the music is too loud to have a proper conversation 

7) When your friend arrives late and needs to catch up

8) When your Christmas fancy dress is totally on point

9) When you send a drunk Snapchat video from the dancefloor 

10) When someone puts on The Pogues 'Fairytale Of New York'

11) When you open a loo stall and someone is already in it 

12) When you've propped your drunk friend against the wall and the bouncer goes to move her

13) When you get really into a Michael Jackson dance-off

14) When you all try and squeeze into the same Uber home 

15) When you try and drink loads of water when you get in  

16) When you've passed out on the sofa and try to get up to go to bed 

17) When you wake up and read the text messages you sent last night

Happy party season! 

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