We Challenge You To Watch This Christmas Advert Without Sobbing

We Challenge You To Watch This Christmas Advert Without Sobbing

It's time to get festive, people, so grab a Vin Chaud, throw on that Christmas jumper and settle into our round-up of the best Christmas adverts 2015 - but watch out for Edeka's, it's a REAL sobfest

It’s got to that time of year when Scroogey types don’t get much sympathy moaning about tinsel and fake Santas in shops, and penguins and snow scapes filling all the X Factor breaks.

If you’re struggling to get your head around the fact that it’s nearly 25th December AGAIN, we’ve rounded up the best of the Christmas adverts 2015 to get you in the mood.

Don’t fight it, guys – throw on a Christmas jumper, buy a box of mince pies (that it’s ludicrous to be selling already because they’ll be off in a month) and get FESTIVE.

Obviously, the crux of all the Christmas ads is the same – about love and sharing and stuff – but everyone's got a favourite.

John Lewis went with that mysterious man on the moon with his super power telescope, while Sainburys's Christmas advert sees Judith Kerr’s anxious-faced Mog, who creates an absolute MARE in the Thomas household (but it’s all turns out o-k, quelle surprise).

The jury's was out on which rated higher on the sobscale, until German supermarket Edeka totally blew them out of the water with HANDS down the saddest Christmas advert we've ever seen. You can watch it, but we challenge you to watch it without welling up which makes it a bit NSFW. 

There’s been a lot of hype about Burberry's Christmas film, too. Celebrating 15 years since Billy Elliot, Romeo Beckham reprising his role as the label's festive face for the third year in a row, joined by Burberry big names Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, James Bay, Naomi Campbell and a whole group of trench-clad celebrities. That’ll be the one for you if you like seeing famous people jumping on trampolines.

Then there's the ones where beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes is enough. Net-A-Porter is the best example of that, where one lucky 'Mr Shaw' gets one very covetable-looking gift bag. Mulberry, as well, tells a story of a lucky woman getting a red Bayswater bag from her man friend, which then gets admired by their eclectic bunch of Christmas visitors. 

Aldi is a rogue contender for 2015, with its spoof of John Lewis's #ManOnTheMoon - complete with old man and telescope but nothing 'astronomically' priced... Geddit? 

Grab the tissues and get your portion of festive cheer from our round up of the best Christmas adverts 2015... 

Watch the Edeka Christmas advert 2015

Watch the Aldi Christmas advert 2015


Watch the H&M Christmas advert 2015

Watch the Sainsburys Christmas advert 2015 

Watch the Mulberry Christmas advert 2015

Watch the Burberry Christmas advert 2015

Watch the John Lewis Christmas advert 2015

Watch the Net-A-Porter Christmas advert 2015


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