Chris Hemsworth: From Home & Away To Hollywood Hero, His Best Movie Makeovers Yet

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Chris Hemsworth has come a long way since his Home and Away days, with the help of an amazing workout and impressive hair stylist. We chart Chris’s best movie makeovers, from Aussie teen to god of thunder

Chris Hemsworth has undergone an impressive makeover from his Home and Away days, ditching the board shorts for sharp suits and a seriously ripped body. Read on as we chart his movie makeover from Home and Away to Hollywood hero. You're so welcome...

Just when we got used to seeing Chris as some half-naked hunk, he goes all geek chic on us - very SS16 - as Kevin in the new Ghostbusters film. Dreamy, as ev.

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In The Heart Of The Sea
There's not much time for grooming when you're battling a giant whale at sea - Chris is definitely windswept and interesting in this epic film, with a dishevelled look, chapped skin and hair that has enough sea salt to last a lifetime. We're dying to give the boy some moisturiser... 

Following the Griswolds on their fifth doomed family vacation, Chris plays rough and ready Stone Crandall, a southern charmer with eyes for Rusty Griswold’s wife. Chris still works those Aussie highlights, and we’re digging the double denim, too. 

Chris Hemsworth's Thor workout must have been a serious undertaking, as the heart-throb showed off bulging muscles and biceps under that god of thunder armour. The red cape also made an appearance in The Avengers series, alongside those stunning shoulder-length locks. Come on Chris, give us a hair flip...

Playing infamous racing driver James Hunt in this 2013 biopic, Chris sported some '70s style staples throughout the film – while he’s in a red racing suit for most of the movie, avaiator shades, polo necks and terracotta trousers tap in to this season’s ‘70s trend like a charm.

Snow White and the Huntsman
Chris took on a much more rugged look playing The Huntsman opposite K-Stew's Snow White, mainly clad in cracked leather sword holsters and ankle length coats. Chris went brunette for the part, and spent the majority of the film covered in mud, too. Dedication.

Red Dawn
Back in 2012, Chris played a teenager looking to save his hometown from a North Korean invasion. Based on the 1984 film of the same name, he updated his costume to a low-key look of hoodies and polo shirts, until he upgraded to full-on camouflage. Those beachy waves were MIA - instead he showed off a noticeably shorter haircut (sobs). 

The Cabin In The Woods
This Aussie looked all-American in The Cabin In The Woods, playing a high-school jock in the full sports captain get-up. Think varsity jacket, checked shirt and shaved head – a far cry from muscle-bound Thor we all know, love and dream about nightly...

Home and Away
In the role that shot the actor to small-screen fame, Chris, or should we say Kim Hyde, was most likely seen sporting a questionable school uniform and flip flops, natch - a far cry from the impressive collection sharp suits he now has to his name. On the upside, he was topless for half of his scenes. Ah, glorious memories...

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