Cheryl Reveals The One Hairstyle Even She's Not Brave Enough To Try...

Cheryl Reveals The One Hairstyle Even She's Not Brave Enough To Try...

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini may not be brave enough to dye her hair ombre green and blue in real life but if this snap is anything to go by, she'd look AMAZING with it

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has made a name for herself as a bona fide hair chameleon thanks to her super-daring 'do choices. From dreadlocks and blonde blow dries to her current bright red bob, nothing seems to intimidate the 31-year-old songstress when it comes to changing up her barnet. 

However, this weekend the Fight For This Love singer has revealed the one hairstyle she'd never dare to try — even though she really wants to — but thanks to one of her more creative fans, she's had the chance to see what she'd look like with the out-there dye job. 

Taking to her Instagram account, Cheryl shared this snap with her 1.4 million-strong following which shows her sporting the most OTT hair colour imaginable. Are you ready for this...? 

WOW — take a look at those colours. Cheryl, are you sure you don't want to give this look a go? Giving Ariel a run for her money in the mermaid tresses stakes, Chezza looks incredible with the greeny-bluey hue that cascades down through her textured waves. If that's not dreamy, we don't know what is!

Captioning the shot: 'Have to say I would never be this brave.. But whoever did this edit.. There are so many creative and talented people on both my Twitter and Instagram. It's pretty amazing'. 

We think so too! Of course, Cheryl isn't the only A-lister to show turquoise locks some major love over the last couple of weeks, even if her locks were digitally enhanced...

Hoards of celebs gave their looks a complete 360° in aid of Coachella last month, where bright blue hair became the undisputed festi-uniform while other stars went blue just for the hell of it:

Kylie Jenner


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Hilary Duff

Keeping this really simple today 🙊

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Nicole Richie

@ShopBop @HouseOfHarlow1960 💋

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If you fancy getting Cheryl's turquoise locks for real, we recommend getting your hair prepped and seen to by a professional first to keep the damage caused to your hair an absolute minimum. However, once you've dared to reach for the bleach, you can keep your ocean-hued tresses in tip-top condition for next to nout with Bleach London's amazing hair colour range — go for 'Washed Up Mermaid' for maximum colour impact. 

For more of Cheryl's amazing hairstyles through the ages, check out our edit of her most noteworthy works to date here...

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