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Pop diva Cheryl Cole has turned designer, collaborating with the innovative accessories website to create a capsule shoe collection, and with the announcement that her styles will hit the site in December, Cheryl has revealed all about what’s in store.


With a wardrobe of shoes any woman would envy, Cheryl knows what makes a good shoe and the glamour puss has been hard at work looking into everything from colour schemes to fabrics and heel heights, admitting: “I’ve been dreaming about shoes, millions of them!’


Though details of individual shoes are a closely guarded secret, Cheryl has revealed: “I like glamour, but I’m aware not everyone wants to wear a high heel all the time.”

So with a mix of heels and flats all with that Cheryl charm, it sounds like a super-stylish yet wearable collection.

Cheryl admitted: “I have not felt this excited in a long time.”

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Neither have we, Cheryl!