Cheryl Cole gets on her exercise bike

Cheryl Cole gets on her exercise bike

The nation's favourite Girl Aloud is reportedly about to undertake a brand new fitness regime.

It's less than two months till the X-Factor is back on our screens and it seems Cheryl Cole is determined to be in tip top shape for the first day of filming. CC has invested in a brand new form of exercise bike, the Hypoxi Trainer S120. Think it sounds like a bit of super-scientific gadgetry straight out of NASA? Well you're not far wrong.

The Hypoxi trainer is an exercise bike enclosed in a wind tunnel pod. The sealed unit varies between low and high pressure while you undertake some moderate, non too strenuous exercise. Whilst barely even breaking a sweat, users can successfully target any problem areas; there are specific pods and programmes so that pear shapes and apples can sculpt their bodies and wobbly tummys can be targeted. Circulation is increased so cellulite is given the heave-ho and all with very little effort.

To get a piece of Cheryl's exercise regime action, head to Harrods Urban Retreat where a consultant will take you through what you want to achieve and recommend a programme for you. Expect to exercise for no more than 30minutes, three times a week. And frankly, if it gets us pins as good as CC's we're signing up now!


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