Cheryl Cole Blasts Superdrug Over Its Celebrity Weight Scales

Cheryl Cole Blasts Superdrug Over Its Celebrity Weight Scales

Superdrug has created a set of scales allowing users to compare their weight with A-list stars

Cheryl Cole has blasted Superdrug over its proposed plan to introduce a set celebrity scales for use by its customers.

The high-street store has developed a new product called the Celebrity Weight Scales, which would allow users to compare their size with the A-list by replacing metric units with stars' names.

Cheryl Cole is among one of the celebrities included on the 'lighter end' of the scales, alongside Kate Middleton (8st 6lb), Jessica Ennis (9st) and Ellie Goulding (9st 1ib). Superdrug added Adele (14st), Gemma Collins (14st), Quenn Latifah (16st) and Melisaa McCarthy (16st).

The 30-year-old singer took to Twitter to vent her outrage at the product, saying she was 'shocked.'

'Pls do not include me on your scale. Girls should be worried about the number on their exam page not a weight scale ffs,' cheryl added.

The scales have also been called dangerous 'beyond belief' by the UK's leading eating disorders charity, Beat.

Speaking to The Independent, Chief Executive of Beat, Susan Ringwood said: 'They prey on the very worst of celebrity culture to fuel a harmful obsession.'

A spokesperson for Superdrug told the Daily Mail yesterday it was 'pleased to be piloting these scales amongst our store teams and, if successful, would look at potentially rolling them out for customer use nationwide.'

Howeve, since then, it looks like the retailer has backtracked. Superdrug told The Independent: 'We've listened carefully to all our customers' comments and can assure them that the prototype celebrity scales will not be trialled in our stores.'

By Olivia Marks

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