Cheryl and Will.I.Am's glitzy tour celebrations

Cheryl and Will.I.Am's glitzy tour celebrations

Cheryl and Will.I.Am celebrated their explosive opening performance at the O2 Arena at a London club last night

Cheryl Cole and Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am have been enjoying plenty of time together of late, and now they're combining their musical talents, as the Geordie songstress has teamed up with the band on tour, as their support act.


Cheryl dazzled in her first show performance, working her signature on-stage style in a head-to-toe military look, which she quickly shed to reveal her stunning figure in a racy nude bodice.

After going down a storm on stage, the pals continued to strut their stuff later, dancing together at an after party hosted by band member Taboo. Cheryl was working a distinctly more casual look for the occasion though, ditching her earlier sparkling corset for a more casual graphic tee.

Cheryl's mum was also in on the action, joining her and Will for drinks at the star-studded event after watching her daughter's performance.

We only wonder whether she was able to rival the dance moves of the smooth-moving pair!

By Hayley Spencer

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