Rita's bling rings

Rita's bling rings

Never one to be a wallflower, Rita Ora rocked the red carpet at this weekend's MTV VMA awards in a slashed to the hip scarlet satin dress accessorised with no less than $56,000 worth of diamonds on her nails.

Sporting some seriously bling tips, Ora's customised black diamond manicure featured tiny hand-crafted diamond spiders and ruby bows to match her red dress and nails. Talk about being red carpet ready.

Created by celeb manicurist Barbara Warner, Ora's one-of-a kind diamond spider mani was perfectly prepped for her performance with Iggy Azalea of their latest single 'Black Widow' later that evening.

Is this a bling ring too far, or are diamonds really a girl's best friend? Here at InStyle HQ we reckon more is more, go Rita!


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By George Driver/@iamgdriver