Charlize Theron joins Mad Max: Fury Road cast

Charlize Theron joins Mad Max: Fury Road cast

Hollywood beauty Charlize and Brit boy Tom Hardy will star in new film together

Both Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy (you may have seen him as Handsome Bob in RocknRolla) have both signed up to star in the fourth installment of the Mad Max action-packed franchise.

While details of the films storyline have not yet been revealed, we do know that Mel Gibson, who famously stared in the three previous Mad Max films, will not be returning as the post-apocalyptic hero and that filming with the new cast will begin next August.

This no doubt non-stop-action film follows on from Charlize's latest acting role in The Road, an adventure film opening next month based on the bestselling Cormac McCarthy novel set in a similar harsh world decimated by an unexplained global disaster.

The news of Mad Max: Fury Road is great news for all fans of both the film franchise, and the gorgeous Tom Hardy, we cannot wait.

By Georgie Hindle

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