Are Destiny's Child Making A Comeback? 6 Musical Reunions We Never Thought We’d See

Are Destiny's Child Making A Comeback? 6 Musical Reunions We Never Thought We’d See

Destiny's Child, Busted and the 6 musical reunions we never thought we'd see

They broke our hearts once upon a time, but are these musical megastars back for good? We take a look at the musical reunions we never thought we'd see...

Beyonce, Destiny’s Child
What is going on with these girls lately. Let’s face it, think Destiny’s Child and you think Beyonce. Queen Bey has had a hugely successful solo career (both in music and world domination) after the group disbanded in 2006, and we never thought we’d see the group reunite. But a verified Instagram account has just popped up in Destiny's Child's name, following a Twitter feed posting nostalgic shots of the trio. Hmmmm...  

Charlie Simpson, Busted
Charlie Simpson is back in Busted. He announced the internet-breaking news in 2015, revealing that the original pop-punk trio will be back on the road for an arena tour and are penning a brand new album. It was a pretty surprising decision from Charlie, considering he said being in Busted was “torture” and that he wanted to make it “unequivocally clear that I have no interest whatsoever in rejoining Busted, and I never will”. Looks like someone better backtrack on that one…

Robbie Williams, Take That
Robbie quit Take That (for the first time) before the age of social media, so there’s no soppy statement to resurface – just the sound of a million hearts breaking back in 1995. After a massively successful solo career, Robbie did a U-turn on the whole band thing and rejoined Take That…before quitting again in 2011. Did we mention he might rejoin the trio on tour in 2017? We can’t keep up!

Lily Allen
Lily Allen burst on to the scene in a cloud of prom dresses and trainers, but after three years revealed that she would not be renewing her record contract and had no intention to make anymore music. We all know that didn’t last long, as Lily headed back in to the studio in 2012 to record 'Sheezus'.

Geri Halliwell, The Spice Girls
It's May, 1998. The Spice Girls are embarking on their world tour, but Geri’s ditched them in Europe. Awkward. Geri’s statement was that she left the band due to depression and “differences” between the five girls. Geri did say she would be back though, and rejoned the band for a comeback tour in 2007, plus a special Olympic performance in 2012.

The Sugababes have had more members than we’ve had cups of tea. From Siobhan to Jade Ewen, the current line-up has no original members and a few legal issues, too. The original trio of Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy are fighting for the rights to the Sugababes name, and have re-formed their own group.

Justin Timberlake, *NSync
Two ‘00s reunions in one year?! We can’t handle the excitement. After the Destiny’s Child reunion of dreams earlier in the year, JT pulled together the other four members of *NSync for a one-off performance of their greatest hits. The band officially split in 2004 after Justin wanted to pursue a solo career, and he’s never looked back…

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