It’s Official: Channing Tatum Is Your Next Disney... Mermaid?!

It’s Official: Channing Tatum Is Your Next Disney... Mermaid?!

Channing Tatum as a merman?! Happening.

Channing Tatum is becoming a mermaid in a new Disney film, and no, we’re not joking.

After we thought Magic Mike: XXL was the answer to all our dreams, Channing has only gone and done one better and confirmed his role in the upcoming Splash remake. Channing will play a grown-up merman, who after saving a young girl as a merboy reconnects with the two-legged woman and falls in love. It’s like The Little Mermaid all over again, except everyone keeps their voice.

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In the Disney remake, which hasn’t started filming yet, the gender roles are being reversed from the original 1984 movie: Channing will play a merman, the role originally made famous by Darryl Hannah as a mermaid, and Jillian Bell will take on the female human character, originally portrayed by (the obviously male) Tom Hanks.

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Props to Disney for not being afraid to switch up the gender roles in this upcoming Splash remake, especially after all the totally unnecessary drama following Ghostbusters’ all-female reboot. Yep, people were very unhappy that the four roles originally played by men were taken on by some of the funniest women in film right now. Then there was the backlash over Brie Larson’s newly announced Captain Marvel role, despite the fact that historically Captain Marvel has always been drawn as both a male and female character.   

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As Splash hasn’t started filming, there are unfortunately no visuals of Channing in all his tailed glory (…except for the work of art above), but we bet wife Jenna can give him a few tips on working the fishy look – see below for evidence.

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