Channing Tatum Is Already Prepping His Daughter For Magic Mike Backlash

Channing Tatum Is Already Prepping His Daughter For Magic Mike Backlash

Channing Tatum has revealed he's already geared up for the day that his baby daughter will (eventually) see Magic Mike, and his plan is genius...

There's no denying that every woman —whether she cares to admit it or not — is looking forward to the impending release of Magic Mike XXL. Whether you're a fan of Channing Tatum and his, er, unique talents or you just love a gold old trip to the cinema, it's the film everyone's dying to see. Except, maybe, for one person. 

Sure, Channing's daughter, which he shares with wife Jenna Dewan, may only be a tot right now but you can just imagine her face when she sees her dad stripping off and cutting some seriously sexy shapes when the movie no doubt gets brought out at a sleepover she'll attend years from now. Yep, it's just like the face you'd pull if you saw your old man shaking his thing on-stage somewhere. Grim. No offence to your dad in particular, obv. 

And it's an awkward scenario that's already plaguing the 35-year-old actor's mind. 

At the world premiere of the film, Channing chatted to US publication People about the risqué film when the conversation turned to his family. When asked what he'd think his two-year-old daughter Everly would reckon of the films, Channing quipped, "Yeah. I showed it to her. She loved it, it was great, but she didn't like the lighting – not a fan." Oh Channing, stop being such a kidder and generally wonderful.

After we imagine him giving himself a bit of a LOL, Channing got serious: "She's gonna see it; there's no way I could shelter her from it. I'm setting aside money for college and for therapy." You know what they say — fail to prepare...

"But you know, I can't change the fact that I did this in real life," adds Tatum, who famously worked as a stripper for a brief stint before his movie career went stellar. "I'm not ashamed of anything I've ever done. I think we teach better through our behaviour and by our experiences rather than trying to design some lesson." 

That's a good way to look at it, Channing. Though, when the time comes to have the 'stripper talk', we doubt he'll be so cool... 

We've got the Magic Mike XXL trailer below for your viewing pleasure. Check it out, and book your tickets for the first UK showings on July the 4th now. 

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