These Rare Photos Of A 20-Year-Old Angelina Jolie Are Hauntingly Beautiful

These Rare Photos Of A 20-Year-Old Angelina Jolie Are Hauntingly Beautiful

These recently unearthed photographs of Angelina Jolie, captured in her early career, are MESMERISING...

It’s fair to say that every photograph ever taken of Angelina Jolie is a stunner in its own right. However, we can’t stop looking at these newly released stills of the star taken in her youth.

A pair of images - taken of the actress when she was 20-years-old and four years before she hit the big time with her Oscar-nominated role in Girl, Interrupted - have come to our attention after London gallery Zebra One released them as part of its new sales manifesto.

Capturing Angelina at her rawest, the portraits were shot by acclaimed photographer Kate Garner in 1995, and see Angie don her trademark dark smoky eyes and a strong gothic lip. Well, if it ain’t broke…

A close up shot sees Angelina stare directly into the camera lens - her gaze is so striking, we can barely take our eyes off her. In the other still, she can be seen posing without clothes, as her hands (complete with a black manicure) grasp her bound ankles. We weren’t lying when we said they were hauntingly beautiful, were we?

Should you be tempted to snap up these photos to hang above your mantelpiece (because, well, who wouldn’t be?!), then you’ll need to drop a cool £1,800 to procure them.

Speaking of the portraits, Garner said: ‘Angelina explored different poses without much direction from me, including tying her legs together for what would become one of the most unique shots of her to ever be taken.’ Clearly Ange was always destined for a career in front of the camera.

Inspired by Angelina’s stunning photographs from her early career, we’ve looked back at some of the world’s biggest actresses first photo shoots. And here’s the glorious imagery that we found…

Kate Winslet, age 19, taken in 1994

Jennifer Aniston, age 20, taken in 1989

Victoria Beckham, age 18, taken in 1992

Sandra Bullock, age 26, taken in 1990

Gwyneth Paltrow, age 21, taken in 1993

Beauties from the get-go, weren’t they? And kudos to Sandra for taking that, um, interesting shoot concept in her stride.

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