These Celebrity Walk In Wardrobes Are Giving Us Serious Interiors Envy...

These Celebrity Walk In Wardrobes Are Giving Us Serious Interiors Envy...

Celebrity wardrobes are pretty much as amazing as you think they are – wall-to-wall Louboutins, vintage Chanel and iconic red-carpet gowns galore. So go on, sneak a peek into the wardrobes of the rich and famous –you know you want to…

We can’t get enough of celebrity property porn – sure, the luxurious bathrooms and plush home cinemas are giving us serious interiors envy, but it’s the walk in wardrobes that have us dreaming of wall-to-wall Louboutins and colour co-ordinated rails of vintage Chanel. While we might be a little way off from J Lo’s 200 pairs of jeans (yep, you read that right), celebrities have no problem showing off their glam rooms for us to drool over.

Kris Jenner's Walk-In Gym Wardrobe
Yes, Kris Jenner has a walk-in wardrobe JUST for her gym gear. Youngest daughter Kylie Jenner Snapchatted a tour of the room, which is full o floor-to-floor trainers and piles of yoga leggings and zip-up jackets. Who really needs that many long-sleeved black workout tops?!

Blake Lively's Stuffed Shoedrobe

Blake Lively shared this unexpected glimpse into her shoe wardrobe, and we're counting 50+ pairs of heels in this Instapic alone! Blake has stilettos in every colour of the rainbow, plumping for the classic shoe-shelf walls and a saintly accessories tray from artist Ashley Longshore. Blake captioned the snap "@ashleylongshoreart has blessed me with the Saint of Fashion, to watch over my style choices... ALWAYS. No pressure".


Mariah Carey’s Shoe Closet
Mariah Carey shared this snap of her insane shoe closet on Instagram, featuring over a hundred pairs of strappy heels and knee high boots. That’s a new pair of gold shoes every day for two years, not even counting the rest of Mariah’s shoedrobe that’s out of shot. There’s even a regal pink chair for Mariah to perch on when choosing her heels for the day. Ah, now we’re reminiscing about that MTV Cribs appearance…

Always my favorite room in the house... #shoes #shoes #moreshoes 👠

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Double Rails
Sarah Jessica Parker’s Greenwich townhouse boasts an eclectic walk-in wardrobe stuffed full of leopard print, velvet, lace and metallic leather – I mean we are talking about Carrie Bradshaw here, did we expect any less? But those perfectly spaced wooden hangers and twenty pairs of heels? That’s all SJP. We are feeling the clean, minimal white interiors too, with splashes of colour from coffee table books and artwork.

Jennifer Lopez’s Jeans
We warn you - J Lo’s closet is probably the size of your entire flat, and then some. The infamous green Versace dress makes a surprise appearance in this video, where J Lo walks us through her glam station, her collection of red carpet gowns and a ceiling-high stash of jeans. Seriously, we count more than 200 pairs of denim in classic blue, summer white, khaki, pink, red and even gold. The hallway of heels and clutches was pretty impressive, too.

Kim Kardashian’s Messy Room
We’ve all seen Kim Kardashian’s pristine walk-in wardrobe on TV, but it’s these behind-the-scenes Instagram snaps that give us a glimpse into the way Mrs West really gets dressed in the morning. This snap of Kim and North trying to choose an outfit for the day is something we can all relate to – it all starts so well, but by the time we’re dressed half of our wardrobe is on the floor and we still have nothing to wear. North also seems to be battling with some sweatpants – the struggle is real.


Paris Hilton’s Crammed Closet
Paris Hilton and glam go together like two peas in a pod, so it’s no surprise that her wardrobe is rammed full of shimmer, sequins and crystals. Six rails, ten drawers, eight shelves and one chandelier makes up this magpie heaven, and that’s just the storage we can see! Paris Hilton’s closet was famously robbed throughout 2008 by a group of Hollywood Hills thieves who became known as The Bling Ring, but when Paris heard that the story was being made into a movie, she offered her own wardrobe for filming.  


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