The 15 Greatest Celebrity Photobombs Of All Time

The 15 Greatest Celebrity Photobombs Of All Time

Oh, those naughty photobombing celebs...

Celebrity photobombs. Aren't they an absolute joy? Not only does a photobombing celebrity demonstrate a wicked sense of humour that we can all 100% relate to, but watching A-listers gatecrash red carpet moments is a great way to to liven up an otherwise dull commute.

From Tom Hanks crashing a wedding party, to Benedict Cumberbatch totally bombing U2 at the Oscars, we think celebrities playing silly buggers is one of the greatest things ever. So, because we love you guys, we've rounded up some of the most iconic celebrity photobombs for your ultimate viewing pleasure. Enjoy...

1. Tom Hanks' 'Congrats' snap
The recent photobomb that had us all going 'aww' was most definitely Tom Hanks crashing a couple's wedding pic in Central Park. Legend.

Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.

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2. Dustin Hoffman and Dame Judi Dench
Making photobombing look dead classy...

3. Jared Leto puts his back into it
One of the more athletic photobombs we've seen. Poor Anne Hathaway hasn't a notion.

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4. Benedict Cumberbatch bombs U2 at the Oscars
Greatest photobomb of all time? Maybe.

5. Kris Jenner gets upstaged by a normal person
Not strictly a celeb photobombing another celeb, but worth inclusion. Why? Because it's bloody hilarious. Bravo that girl.

6. Taylor Swift's (kind of) awkward Keith Urban photobomb
Yep. Awks dot com.

7. Anne Hathaway gets bombed again
By Joshua Jackson. Girl can't buy a break.

8. Jennifer Lawrence pulls one scary face behind Taylor Swift
Red carpet epicness.

9. All hail J-Law, queen of the photobomb
The naughty monkey...

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10. Meryl Streep gives some subtle photobomb game
Oh Meryl. The lols.

11. Benedict Cumberbatch bombs Ellen's Oscar selfie
Isn't he a devil?

12. Emma Thompson bombs Lupita Nyong'o

13. Jimmy Fallon photobombs these kids...
...with the cast of Sesame Street. Like, how adorable? 

14. Mel Gibson gatecrashing this hiker's Instagram...
Where else would you expect to run into a beardy Mel Gibson? Only up a mountain in Ireland.


15. A right royal photobomb...
Not quite as dramatic as having the Queen crash your snap, however, the Duchess of Cornwall gave some right royal game when she jumped into this newly-weds' picture.

What's your favourite celebrity photobomb of all time? 





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