Celebrity PDAs On Instagram, From Victoria And David Beckham To Zoella And Alfie

Because nothing proves how loved up you are than a tastefully filtered mush-fest

Facebook might be the traditional place for engagement announcements and smug couple updates #dinneroutwithmyboo #love #spoiled #blessed and Instagram the reserve of breakfasts, sunsets and dogs in Ray Bans, but sometimes there's no better way to say 'ILY' than with a Valencia-filtered shot of you and your beloved, preferably something very in-the-moment, lo-fi and completely 'natural.'

Want to know which celebs do it best? Here's our round up of the biggest celebrity PDA makers on Instagram.

1) Beyonce and Jay Z

Kim Kardashian might have selfies covered, but no-one does an atmospheric, loved up Instagram shot quite like Beyonce. Her @beyonce feed is like an open family album (albeit a very rich family with a dizzyingly jet-set life we're extremely jealous of)

3) Victoria and David Beckham

I mean if your husband was David Beckham, wouldn’t you like to show him off a bit? 16 years of marriage later and these two still seem pretty into each other.


4) Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish

These two highly photogenic marrieds are totally in love and they don’t care who knows it.


Fun night in Scotland to launch David's #HaigClub x vb

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5) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

Rosie's instagram account is worth following just for the shots of her sausage dogs, but now and again she also likes to slip in a 'beautiful couple' pic with that action man beau of hers. 'You will forever be my always' she gushed on their 5-year anniversary. Wedding bells?


6) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

You can't write about celebrity PDAs without mentioning these two. Kimye regularly use Instagram to show off their, um, strong chemistry (see below). And, of course, there's always THAT infamous 'belfie' shot...



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7) Zoella and Alfie

Public PDAs are kind of written into the contract when you're a world-famous vlogger couple. This 'we can't believe our luck' pic shows how good these two are at it.



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