Seth Rogen's Mum - you're never too old to embarrass your kids

For embarrassing parents all over the world...

Celebrity parents are just like ours; they love to show everyone embarrassing pictures from our childhood, will still tell us off well into our adulthood and definitely won’t approve of our half-naked cover shoots – alright, that last one might be for the A-List only, but you get our point. Parents will be parents, no matter how many Instagram followers their offspring have. With a gold-mine of #TBTs just waiting to be unleashed, here are seven of the funniest, coolest or downright most embarrassing celebrity parents to follow on social media now.  

Brooklyn Beckham’s Dad, David Beckham
Oh, David Beckham! While we still can't get enough of this embarrassing takedown, David's only gone and called out his son again for his social media faux-pas - and this time, it's on National TV. David told Graham Norton "even though he doesn't think I'm a cool dad, I still find him wearing my clothes every day! But when we're out, he gets recognised so much that I'm literally known as Brooklyn's dad now". David, you'll always be our #1.    


The Kardashian/ Jenner Matriarch, Kris Jenner
We couldn’t let a celebrity parent list go by without mentioning the ultimate Momager, Kris Jenner. With a brood like that, we’re addicted to Kris’ insider shots of Kendall and Kylie graduating, private jets and cute grandkids, as well as a rare look at day-to-day Kanye. We’re into the ‘80s #TBTs, too.


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Chrissy Teigen’s Mum, Vilailuck Teigen
We LOVE Vilailuck! Not only does she share candid snaps of Chrissy cooking, playing with puppies and driving a fire engine (casual), she’s actually hilarious. We love her car jokes and Instagram goals, and that traditional cooking is making us drool. Vilailuck, if our Mum was like you, we’d have her on Instagram in seconds.


Harry Styles’ Mum, Anne Cox
He’s your secret guilty crush (don’t try and deny it), so where better to head for behind-the-scenes snaps of the One Direction lothario? Follow her Instagram for snapshots of the whole Styles family, as well as Anne’s extended family of rescue animals; horses, bunnies, cats (Dotty and Dusty, as Directioners will already know) and videos of hatching chicks. That’s our day made.  


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Drake’s Dad, Dennis Graham
Those threads, that moustache, that bucket hat… Drake’s Dad is clearly taking style tips from his son, and we’re into it. The former musician is about to relaunch his music career too, with the help of a Swedish video director. We’re not making this up – the evidence is all over his Instagram, and let’s just say he’s not short of female attention either…


Seth Rogen’s Mum, Sandy Rogen
Tech phobic Mums everywhere, meet Sandy Rogen. She might have over 23,000 Twitter followers, but that doesn’t mean she knows how to tweet a picture or stop replying to the wrong people. Our favourite thing about Sandy? She’s not afraid to call out her son on his naughty behavior, bad language or his more niche films. Now that’s embarrassing… 

Miley Cyrus’ Mum, Tish Cyrus
Mermaids, Miley and mullets, Tish Cyrus’ Instagram is a PG look inside the life of the Cyrus clan. Tish likes her kids, her animals and her husband, as well as posting slightly creepy photoshopped images of mother and daughter as kids, with pigs and as The Simpsons. Ok then...


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